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The book that could save your life.
Are you a healthcare worker who has been assaulted, or know someone who has? Violence against healthcare workers has reached epidemic levels, and emergency personnel are particularly at risk. Assaults on healthcare staff are leading to life-changing injuries, PTSD, and even death. 

The American Nurses Association states, "Workplace violence is one of the most complex and dangerous occupational hazards facing nurses working in today's health care environment." 

One major tenet of this book is clear and paramount: Being assaulted is not within your job description.

Reading this book, you will learn: 

  • how to identify potentially dangerous situations
  • how to protect and advocate for yourself
  • what employers and administrators can and should do to protect you
  • that being a victim of assault is not acceptable, and it is not within your job description

This book covers the extent and characteristics of violence in healthcare, some of the contributing factors, and most importantly, what we as healthcare workers can do about it. It even touches on what employers and administrators can do to mitigate healthcare violence. 

Author Sheila Wilson, RN, BSN, MPH, staunchly maintains that, "Working as individuals as well as collaboratively, it is possible to harness and diminish this frightening and growing epidemic of violence against healthcare providers." 

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The Shocking Reality of Violence in Healthcare

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