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The Story of the Champions of the Round Table

Howard Pyle - Mint Editions
pubblicato da West Margin Press

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Three of King Arthur's most beloved knights, Sir Launcelot, Sir Tristram and Sir Percival, headline their own fantastical tales of love, honor and inescapable duty. The Story of the Champions of the Round Table offers an intimate look at the many obstacles and triumphs of the famous warriors.

Sir Launcelot, the first knight of the round table, is a prominent fixture who appears alongside King Arthur on various quests. He becomes a legend in his own right due to his incomparable fighting skills and charm. A conflicted Sir Tristram falls in love with a beautiful young woman called Isoult, who is already betrothed to a king. Meanwhile, Sir Percival journeys to the Castle of Beaurepaire and is faced with new and unexpected challenges.

Each story showcases the characters by testing their strength and morals in the face of opposition. This novel is an enjoyable addition to the Arthurian canon, which continues to thrive in Europe and abroad.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Story of the Champions of the Round Table is both modern and readable.

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The Story of the Champions of the Round Table

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