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The Tall Man
The Tall Man

The Tall Man

Phoebe Locke
pubblicato da Headline Publishing Group

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Disponibile a partire dal 19/08/2020.
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HE WAS JUST A PLAYGROUND STORY, UNTIL THEY LET HIM IN. 'THE MUST-READ SUMMER CHILLER' Daily Express 'IF YOU READ JUST ONE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER THIS YEAR - MAKE IT THE TALL MAN' CultureFly They went looking for a story. What they found was a nightmare. It started as nothing, just a scary story passed around between schoolchildren. But for Sadie and her friends, the rumours soon became an unhealthy obsession - and the darkness all too real. Years later, Sadie's teenage daughter Amber has been charged with murder, and her trial shocks the world. How could such a young girl commit such a terrible crime? It seems the secrets of Sadie's past have come back to haunt her daughter. And the terrifying truth of what happened all those years ago is finally about to come out . . . 'So creepy and chilling' Laura Marshall, Friend Request 'Relentless and needle-sharp' Cara Hunter, Close to Home 'Fantastic' Fiona Cummins, Rattle 'Absolutely brilliant' Cass Green, In a Cottage in a Wood

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Brilliant, chilling and compelling. I can't stop thinking about it! * Karen Hamilton, author of The Perfect Girlfriend * Mesmerizing and terrifying - The Tall Man more than lives up to the hype * Chris Whittaker, author of Tall Oaks * Do not use this book as a cure for insomnia. It turns shadows into threats. A brilliantly creepy, twisty story * Julia Crouch, author of Her Husband's Lover * From the second I opened this book, I wanted to know the truth about the Tall Man. Was he real? What did he make people do? Was it possible to escape? I couldn't put the book down until I knew. An unsettling, original page-turner you'll still be thinking about long after you reach the end * Amy Engel, author of The Roanoke Girls * Outstanding. A chilling, relentless and needle-sharp thriller that will stay with you long after you reach the final page * Cara Hunter, author of R&J bestseller Close to Home * A gripping blend of dark psychological suspense and spine-tingling chills * iNews * Set to become a must-read summer chiller * Daily Express * If you read just one psychological suspense novel this year, make it Phoebe Locke's The Tall Man. A creepy legend, the disappearance of a young mother and a teenage girl acquitted of murder... think that sounds like a recipe for a brilliant summer thriller? You're right. Simmering with eerie mystery and dark tension, it'll have you checking under the bed before you turn off the light. The Tall Man should be right at the top of your June '18 TBR list. * Culturefly *


Generi Mystery & Crime » Thrillers

Editore Headline Publishing Group

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 18/04/2019

Pagine 368

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781472249265

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The Tall Man

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