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The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms
The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms

The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms

Edward Lucie Smith
pubblicato da Thames & Hudson Ltd

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* Over 2000 authoritative entries and 400 illustrations, including diagrams for comprehensive treatment of architectural terms * Covers painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, the decorative, applied and graphic arts from all periods throughout the world up to the present day: there is even a table of the dynasties of Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, China, India and Japan * This new edition features entries connected with the use of computer technology in the art world and includes today's influential groups and tendencies From the Preface: This dictionary is compact, because our experience of the arts is gained in so many places - in exhibitions, in museums, touring with a guide book - and no one wants to tour with a reference library. It is also comprehensive, because neither in real life nor in books are the various arts neatly segregated. More than 2000 entries therefore define and explain terms from painting, sculpture, architecture, the decorative and applied arts... With this dictionary at hand, the reader should be able to puzzle out any art text, however technical, and the collector or exhibition-goer should feel at ease with any auction or museum catalogue, no matter how recondite.

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'A boon and a blessing to every art history student and gallery goer' - Art Monthly 'A richly illustrated paperback that provides useful information on a wide range of art and design history, theory and practice ... Scholarly yet accessible, and should prove invaluable to teachers and students alike' - The Times Educational Supplement


Generi Arts & Photography » Art-General & Miscellaneous , Languages & Reference » Directories

Editore Thames & Hudson Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 01/09/2003

Pagine 240

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780500203651

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The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms

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