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The Threshold of Forever: Essays and Reviews

Darrell Schweitzer
pubblicato da Wildside Press LLC

Prezzo online:

Darrell Schweitzer's third collection of essays and reviews, a successor to the well-received "Windows of the Imagination" and "The Fantastic Horizon," is a balanced mixture of scholarship and entertainment, ranging over the entire spectrum of imaginative literature, from the oldest novel in the world (1st century B.C.) to classic (and not-so-classic) pulp fiction, to childhood reading, to examinations of the works of such masters as H.P. Lovecraft, M.R. James, Robert Bloch, Stanley Weinbaum, John W. Campbell, and Thomas M. Disch. In between we encounter such surprising topics as a proposal for an H.P. Lovecraft biopic ("The Whole Wide Lovecraft"), the eccentricities of William Beckford (the author of Vathek), and even a report from Blobfest, an annual street fair devoted to the famous 1958 cult film, at which Schweitzer, as a member of the press, was allowed to touch the original Blob. Many of these pieces have been published in the prestigious "The New York Review of Science Fiction."

"Schweitzer writes in an informative style that's knowledgeable, witty, and high accessible. This is the finest kind of criticism -- it makes you want to read more, both of the critic's own prose and that of the writers he's discussing. Highly recommended!" -- Robert Reginald.

Darrell Schweitzer is a novelist, short-story, writer and critic, a former editor of the legendary "Weird Tales" magazine, and a four-time World Fantasy Award finalist and one-time winner. His previous book of essays, "The Fantastic Horizon," was a finalist for the Mythopoeic Award.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Storia e Critica letteraria » Narrativa, romanzieri e scrittori di prosa » Fantasy , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » Fantasy

Editore Wildside Press Llc

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 24/03/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781479425679

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The Threshold of Forever: Essays and Reviews

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