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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Scuba Diving

Darcy Kieran
pubblicato da Buzzwinx Media

Prezzo online:

How to scuba dive? How to get my scuba diving certification?

Start off on the right fin!

If you are not a diver yet, grab this in-depth handbook! It is everything you need to know about diving and scuba certification in a step-by-step beginner's guide.

If you are a newly certified scuba diver and do not yet feel safe & comfortable underwater, this guide will show you how to become as comfortable underwater as you are when sitting on your couch.

If you are a scuba diving instructor, this reference book will provide a quality framework to use with your open water divers to prepare them for a lifetime of legendary underwater experiences.


Regardless of your reason for wanting to learn to dive, chances are you won't go scuba diving after completing your open-water certification. Weird, right?

There are "holes" in the way scuba diving instructors teach, and this handbook will lay it bare so you can prepare to learn to dive and get what you need for a lifetime of legendary underwater adventures.


Recommendations are backed by industry-wide surveys that the author shares with you. He also explains ISO international scuba diving training standards so you can prepare and know if you are being short-changed.

This step-by-step handbook to learning to dive covers scuba certification courses, dive equipment & dive travel with 550+ pages of actionable information.

- Should I get a PADI certification or go with another dive training agency?

- How much does it cost to learn to dive? How can I save money?

- How can I get comfortable underwater?

- What can I do to feel & be safe while scuba diving?

- What are the scuba certification levels and which ones matter to me?

- Typical mistakes made by people who decide to learn to dive.

- The pitfalls & traps in the dive industry. How to avoid them.

- Where to take your certification and with whom.

- Selecting a dive instructor, dive center, dive resort & dive boat.

- Your health & fitness to dive.

- What dive gear to buy & what to rent.

- How to save money by spending on what will actually help you.

- And so much more!

Most books about scuba diving are written by instructors with good content. But Darcy Kieran gives you a 360-degree view from his experience as a scuba diving instructor trainer & owner/manager of dive shops, dive equipment wholesalers, dive boats, scuba diving university programs, and dive resorts.


This handbook won't teach you how to scuba dive you must get in the water for that! But you will know exactly what to do before registering for a scuba certification course.

The author shares typical mistakes that would cost you time and money and, in many cases, provide you with such a bad experience that you would want to stop scuba diving.

This book gives you a chance to learn from others' mistakes! It will help you understand how the dive industry operates so you can navigate it to your advantage.

Do not risk missing out on a lifetime of legendary scuba diving adventures because many dive professionals you'll encounter are not always professional. Instead, learn how to be the leader of your own adventure!

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Generi Sport » Nuoto e Sport acquatici

Editore Buzzwinx Media

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 16/04/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781738970315

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The Ultimate Beginner

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