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A powerful, gripping and passionate award winning young adult novel of land rights, Maori spirituality, coming-of-age and love. The Unknown Zone begins with the story of fifteen-year-old Hemi Ratana who, traumatised by a humiliating incident, climbs a giant kauri on the Coromandel Peninsula in a do-or-die test of courage. High in the head branches of the kauri, Hemi finds a human skeleton. Around its neck is a key on a chain. What does the key unlock? Nearly 160 years earlier, on the West Coast of the South Island, a group of sealers from Australia is taken captive by Ngai Tahu marauders. In a desperate bid for survival one of these captives joins up with another Maori group and they all journey to the eastern Coromandel. These two stories intertwine in a exciting plot-driven adventure story that won the Best First Book Award in the 2006 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.

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The Unknown Zone

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