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The Vegan Primer-What You Must Know

Rocco Petrizzo
pubblicato da R.Petrizzo

Prezzo online:

Are you a Vegan that's constantly looking for a ways to enjoy eating without eating any animal products?
Would you like a more delicious way to dine and do so without sacrificing flavor or enjoying the tastes of different dishes?
If so, the Vegan Cooking eBook will change your perspective on eating as a Vegan and actually make you healthier!
First you'll learn about the basics of being a Vegan. Even if you think you know everything, this section will help you "crystallize" your eating views.
You'll also learn about typical ingredients in Vegan Cooking, which you may not be completely aware of. This section could really increase your dining pleasure & the taste of your food!
Also covered is what you need to have in your pantry as a Vegan eater and what you don't want to have!
Next you'll start out learning basic cooking techniques and move into full blow Vegan meals that you can cook for your friends or family.
Finally we'll go over nutritional information as well as what kind of nutrients you need as a Vegan and how to get them.
We'll wrap everything up with a section that's loaded with great Vegan recipes that you can try, tweak and change to your tastes desire.

  • Eat Healthier Without Sacrificing Flavor Or Your Tongue For Exotic Food & Tastes!
  • Learn What Most Vegans Don't Know About Nutrients & Why This Could Be Harmful To Your Health!
  • Discover The Favorite Recipes Of Vegans All Over The World & Share Them With Your Friends!
  • Learn The Truth About Being A Vegan And What It Really Means To You, Your Family & Your Life!
  • Eat Delicious, Gourmet Meals Without Having To Sacrifice Flavor And While Still Keeping Your Vegan Values!
  • Learn The 5 More Important Items That Every Vegan MUST Have In Their Pantry!
  • Live Longer, Live Healthier & Live Happier All While Enjoying Your Life As A Dedicated Vegan!

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Generi Gastronomia » Cucina vegetariana

Editore R.petrizzo

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/09/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230002556017

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The Vegan Primer-What You Must Know

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