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The Virtual Project Management Office

Robert L. Gordon DM - PMP PgMP PMI-RMP Wanda Curlee DM
pubblicato da Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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Successfully Launch and Operate a Virtual Project Management Office

New technology and global businesses and organizations are making virtual project management offices (VPMOs) more important and more prevalent than ever. Successfully operating a VPMO requires project managers to employ additional skills and address different challenges from those necessary to operate a traditional PMO. For example, the virtual project manager must have effective soft skills to build trust among a dispersed team and to select the best forms of communication. He or she must also ensure compliance with the unique policies, procedures, and laws relevant to maintaining a VPMO.

This book offers best practices for successful virtual projects and the most effective ways to create and implement a PMO in a virtual environment. It's a valuable resource for companies considering a VPMO and those already operating one.

You'll find:

- Proven implementation plans
- Guidance for building a business case
- Laws and ethics governing VPMOs
- Tips and advice from experts

Plus! Dozens of practical tools to use in launching a VPMO or improving an existing project management office.

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The Virtual Project Management Office

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