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The Wall Between Us

Matthew Small
pubblicato da Legend Press

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"The biology of Israel/Palestine simply and beautifully revealed," from the author of Down and Out Today: Notes from the Gutter (Jon Snow, journalist and presenter).

Writer Matthew Small traveled to the Holy Land to further his understanding of the enduring conflict between Israel and Palestine. While there, he discovered beauty, fear and suffering like nowhere else in the world. In these honest and evocative reflections, Small retells his experiences of crossing into the West Bank to work the olive harvest with Palestinian farmers.

He relates his encounters with organizations that are determinedly working to sow the seeds of peace in soils that are deeply scarred by suffering and war. While reliving these unforgettable experiences, through his writing he struggles to find why the wall between these two groups of people exists. Deciding to join a group of international and Israeli volunteers, Small attempts to show that, despite the ongoing occupation, peace is not lost, but still to be discovered.

"Matthew Small, despite the horror of both the war, and the wall, works and travels both sides of the divide, and brings us to an understanding of where the seeds of peace can yet be found."Jon Snow, journalist and presenter

"What is really refreshing about this book is the way Small writes from a very personal perspective, often admitting in his diary entries that he's unsure what to write or how he feels about the situation. His emotion surrounding his visit and the people living amongst the occupation every day is portrayed in a gritty, raw way."The Bookbag

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The Wall Between Us

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