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The Weakness of God: the Secret Revealed at Last

Lawrence Wole
pubblicato da Hunters Publishing

Prezzo online:

In this book, The Weakness of God, the author presents the doctrines of the Cross of Christ Jesus as the road to safety from spiritual vices that daily endanger believers all over the world. He proves that God's ultimate weakness was shown at Calvary, stating how the concept of Crucifixion should be appropriated to spearhead true revival in order to save ourselves, relatives and neighbors in this cruel and dark world. It's a motivational and inspirational content for anyone seeking revival fire in a raw form.

It's a must read for:
* believers that want to help the helpless and hopeless people in their neighborhood
* preachers that are fed up with pastoring cold members
* parents whose children are outside the Church
* missionaries or revivalists that want to touch lives for God

Reading this literary masterpiece would help you to...
* Unearth why God is said to be weak in the light of the Church's present need for revival
* Understand why Christ was essentially weak on the cross
* Why God's weakness is what preachers need, rather than His power
* See how believers partake in that weakness of God
* Know how the phenomenon affects the Church of today
* Recover the ground already lost to the Devil in the battle for righteousness
* Know why you, as a preacher, is not getting God-kind results in your ministry; and what you should do
* Discover what you can do to make your spiritual life flourish
* Understand how to initiate true revival in a cold personal spiritual life, a village, a county, a city or a local Church
* Unveil how you can get self-willed, stubborn and impenitent people converted to serve and live for God

It's a book on revival.
It's a book on spiritual re-awakening.
It's a book on divine visitation
It's a book on the move of God.

WARNING: If you're a cynic or critic, don't read this book. It may be potentially dangerous to your personal sentiments; it could damage your ideology about revival in general, thus leading to vexation. But then, if you want to come to term with simple truths toward solving spiritual problems, go ahead to get a copy.

Go, download a copy now. Your purchase is 100% a great support for missionary causes in third-world countries where people live on about $1 a day!


Generi Religioni e Spiritualità » Altre religioni e fedi » Altre religioni non cristiane

Editore Hunters Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310334870

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The Weakness of God: the Secret Revealed at Last

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