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The awareness game

Gianluca Carbone
pubblicato da Gianluca Carbone

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Tennis is awareness. This study of technical, strategical, tactical, physical and mental awareness, as
well as that of a person¿s own personality, is the common theme of each chapter of this book and in every approach I take to coaching.
Tennis exposes strengths and weaknesses. It is an equalizer, putting everyone on equal footing. On the court, there is no one you can ask for help.
There is only you, your abilities and your experience in an unpredictable situation, where the only certainty is the awareness forged by experience.
I took my inspiration from the Spanish Method of Luis Bruguera for who needs certainties and solid points, to the development of stances and podalic proprioceptivity of S. Sosa and A. Musulin, fundamental for a solid technique. Visual training analysis by postural and behavioral optometrist is
the starting point to search motorial awareness. Chapters about psychomotor development analyze motor literacy building in which you can grasp that you can¿t omit any letter. Criticalities in losses of balance accustom to adapt yourself to any situation E. Meyer affirms. American methodology by G. Jaramillo suggests the monothematic approach to automate learning.
My work is also founded on my studies in Sport Science, following in-depth study and then, more importantly, on testing ¿ first on myself and then on thousands of athletes that have truly brought ¿The game of awareness¿ to life.


Generi Sport » Altri sport

Editore Gianluca Carbone

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/03/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9788827594285

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The awareness game

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