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Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children
Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children

Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children

by Jonas Torrance
pubblicato da Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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A vivid exploration of working with autistic children using empowering techniques from a range of creative therapies. Each chapter in this heartening book is the story of a child with autism and how therapy was pivotal in confronting his or her individual dilemma. Covering many of the behaviours characteristic to autism, such as uncontrolled anger and obsessive tendencies, the therapies used range from drawing and dancing to meditation and martial arts, depending on the needs and interests of each child. The key message is that investing in the relationship between the therapist and the child - so that they grow, play and develop together - is transformative.

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With his honest assessments and creative interventions, the author presents a wonderful array of practical teaching ideas. I highly recommend this book for anyone who parents or supports another person's social and emotional development. -- Kari Dunn Buron, Autism Education Specialist/Author, Minnesota, USA, The Incredible 5-Point Scale, When My Worries Get Too Big! Read this book! If you are closely involved in the lives of children and young people identified with the autism moniker, particularly those whose co-operation is hard won - parent, teacher, care worker - this is a book rich in insights and ideas. -- John Clements, psychologist and author Feeling that this was a 'specialist' book on a subject I probably know as much about as the average person, I started reading, expecting it could be hard going. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the opening page I was completely absorbed...I found myself living in the particular child's world during their chapter, seeing the two-way learning process slowly unfold, and the incredible interaction taking place...If you have the slightest interest in autism, this is the book for you. -- Chiltern View Magazine


Generi Mind, Body & Spirit » Thought & Practice , Professional & Technical » Medicine

Editore Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 21/05/2018

Pagine 176

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781785924552

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Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children

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