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This Book Just Stole My Cat!
This Book Just Stole My Cat!

This Book Just Stole My Cat!

Richard Byrne
pubblicato da Oxford University Press

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From award-winning Richard Byrne, author and illustrator of This Book Just Ate My Dog, (shortlisted for the Children's Book Award) comes another brilliantly inventive book starring Ben and Bella. When Ben is tempting his cat across the page with a fluffy mouse, his cat . . . disappears! Then his best friend Bella disappears, too. Sniffer dogs and rescue teams can't help . . . When Ben also vanishes, there's only one person left to help. You, the reader! Can you release Ben, Bella, and the cat from the mischievous book? It's a ticklish problem. Original, simple, and witty, this high-concept picture book plays with the physical attributes of a book to create a real page-turner.

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For We're in the Wrong Book! In another hilarious story from Richard Byrne, Ben and Bella . . . experience many exciting adventures . . . The differing formats on every page, the bold, clear block text, the colourful eye-catching illustrations and the comical quirkiness of the plot will make this title a definite favourite to be returned to again and again. * The Bookseller * The notion that the book itself is the villain and the audience the saviour is novel and gratifying. * The Center for Children's Books (US) * Ingenious, funny and a simple yet insightful concept. * The Guardian * For This Book Just Ate My Dog A thoroughly interactive and hilarious reading experience. * Teach Nursery * Youngsters will delight in this hilarious interactive book as they are encouraged to tickle the pages in order to rescue Ben's cat and the other characters who have vanished between them. * The Daily Mail *


Generi Children » Acrivity Books & Early learning

Editore Oxford University Press

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 18/10/2018

Pagine 32

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780192767134

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This Book Just Stole My Cat!

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