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Three British Mystery Novels
Three British Mystery Novels

Three British Mystery Novels

by Thomas Brown - David Stuart Davies - Nikki Dudley
pubblicato da Sparkling Books Ltd

Disponibile in 1-2 settimane.
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Three British Mystery Novels: detective, thriller and (mild) horror set in Britain by British authors. An ideal gift for mystery lovers. Lynnwood, by Thomas Brown, set in the New Forest, was listed for the 2014 People's Book Prize. A Taste for Blood, set in and around London, by the acclaimed Sherlock Holmes expert David Stuart Davies. Ellipsis, set in London, a psychological thriller by Nikki Dudley. Three great reads, for those who like to wrap their minds round unusual plots, presented as one omnibus print edition.

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Praise for Lynnwood The plot line is new and exciting, I won't say anymore about that because I don't want to give it away! But I know I was surprised more than once at what was happening. If you are looking for a good book, definitely pick up this one. - Alison Mudge, Librarian, USA An exciting, on the edge of your seat gothic that will have readers begging for more. - Rosemary Smith, Librarian and Cayocosta Book Reviews A dark and disturbing horror story set in a picturesque village. Full of rich description, it depicts the horrifying, ravenous secret lurking beneath the surface of the village. I would recommend this to fans of classic English horror as well as fans of Stephen King. - Lucy O'Connor, Waterstones A quintessentially British folk horror chiller, with an escalating power of dread that is rendered deftly. A new voice in British horror, that you'll want to read, has entered the field. - Adam Nevill, Author of Apartment 16 and The Ritual ... A dark journey not only of the mind, but of the soul. This beautifully crafted tale of the horror that lurks in a picturesque English village is hopefully the first of many to come from this brilliant young author. Mr. Brown's extraordinary talent is evident as he paints a virtual feast for the reader with eloquently chosen prose in this powerfully engaging novel. - Nina D'Arcangela Praise for A Taste for Blood Johnny Hawke breathes new life into the traditional British mystery. He's a hero with a heart. - Val McDermid This is a delightful read because you are not quite sure what will happen and you are hooked enough to keep on reading. Enjoyable. - J Robert Ewbank, author A well-crafted thriller that had me gripped from the first chapter. A Taste for Blood far exceeded expectations with its carefully crafted plotting and characterization. So good were these that it encouraged me to read the novel a second time. - Amazon review I wholeheartedly recommend David Stuart Davies to those who enjoy a good read. - Amazon review Praise for Ellipsis It's a tale that will keep them wondering, gasping, thinking, smiling, grimacing, rereading. What more can a reader ask for? - Spinetingler Magazine I wouldn't have stopped reading if my house was on fire! - Cas Peace, author of 'For the Love of Daisy', North Hampshire Tight, evocative gut-punches tempered by the desperate details of everyday life. - Shawn Kupfer, author of White Male, 34 This is the type of story that keeps a reader up half the night. - Maureen Vincent-Northam, author of 'The Writer's ABC Checklist' and 'The Greatest Genealogy Tips in the World', Hereford


Generi Mystery & Crime » Modern Mystery & Crime

Editore Sparkling Books Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 05/11/2018

Pagine 522

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781907230738

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Three British Mystery Novels

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