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Throw All the Bums Out, Legal!; Amendment for a National Vote to Suspend Given Legislators' Re-election Eligibility

Jean-Marc Lebouquin
pubblicato da Jean-Marc Lebouquin

Prezzo online:

Many participants, representatives of their young Republics' at Constitutional Convention, felt the Constitution proposed with the objective of forming "a more perfect Union" of the thirteen States (than the one experienced under the previous Articles of Confederation) flawed in parts - notoriously so in the aspect of lifelong indenture; which was to be left to the discretion of each State.

Article IV§4-Republican government, affirmed that the union of these United States "shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican [a representative] Form of Government. The idea was that if dictatorship were allowed to take hold of one Republic; then this tendency towards autocracy would spread to others; and so the Federal Government would be there as guarantor preventing this.

The innate contradiction was that it was left to each State to decide on its own definition of what representative government was, or who would have access to the enjoyment of it. A Bill of Rights was sorely lacking in the original Constitution; and so the first Amendments were added to correct the omission. But again, who would have access to the enjoyment of these rights was left to the States.

Article I§-Limits on Congress; 3rd Clause: "No Bill of Attainder shall be passed." [Attainder Bill: law punishing ancestry-a blood law]. The Congress couldn't pass a law allowing slavery-couldn't pass a law punishing blood; but the States could. And so the States were each left to define the difference between representative governance and tyranny. The States didn't do so well, and the contradiction couldn't and didn't last. Unfortunately reason was not the immediate remedy chosen to expunge the remnants of tyranny as we all, as U.S. citizens, know so very well.

Nevertheless, and regardless of the folly and the avarice of those who seek to govern; the Constitution was always and is open to amendment and correction responsive to the concerns of later eras; it is understood to come from the People, & the People have the ultimate right and means to adapt it even while dealing with incapable politicians' resistance and obstruction.

The growth of national level corporate entities as well as the two national powerful political fundraising platforms of the respective majority parties has developed since the Union's inception. Corporate interests, such as the weapons suppliers' interests documented in this book; can demonstrably easily co-opt key party elite players and thus gain more than nominal control of party policies to the detriment of the General Welfare (as is examined in this book). Local constituencies are no match for the nationwide Corporate-Party Machine alliances.

A theoretical Lower House nit-wit politician representing, perhaps absurdly, even a tiny peninsula in northern California; could conceivably, by virtue of longevity in office and with national level backing, gain vastly disproportionate influence over national policy. And if sufficiently venal & non-too-bright a person, could be flattered by the influential into believing and enacting the preposterous.

2 amendments to the Constitution are urged in this book. These are designed to deal with ongoing entrenched imbecility, corruption or influence peddling evidently carried on within the Congress of the United States. As is examined, there is nothing in the Constitution which responds to a situation where an entire mega political party in Congress goes haywire; or the entire 2 Party congress goes nuts.

Fundamentally this is a discussion of how a national vote favoring suspension for one term, the re-election eligibility of a legislator to the same office held previously; would enable the national electorate to more readily force entire political party house cleanings; and force political respect of; and responsiveness and accountability to, the national electorate.


Generi Politica e Società » Politica e Istituzioni » Costituzione, Governo e Stato » Ideologie e Teorie politiche » Scienza e teoria politica

Editore Jean-marc Lebouquin

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 25/01/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463753286

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Throw All the Bums Out, Legal!; Amendment for a National Vote to Suspend Given Legislators

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