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Time: A Traveler's Guide
Time: A Traveler's Guide

Time: A Traveler's Guide

Clifford A. Pickover
pubblicato da Oxford University Press Inc

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In Time: A Traveler's Guide, Clifford A. Pickover strives to answer the most challenging questions scientists and philosophers ask. What is time? Is time travel possible? Is time real? Does it flow in one direction only? Does it have a beginning or an end? What is eternity? For centuries, these questions have intrigued mystics, philosophers, and scientists. Today physicists would agree that time is one of the strangest properties of our universe. This book allows readers to travel through time and space, and they needn't be experts in physics. By the time readers finish this book they will understand such seemingly arcane concepts as space-time diagrams, light cones, time machines, cosmic moment lines, transcendent infinite speeds, Lorentz transformations, causal linkages, superliminal and ultraliminal motions, Minkowskian space-times, Goedel universes, closed timelike curves, and Tipler cylinders. This book is a resource for science fiction writers and readers, a playground for computer hobbyists, an adventure and education for beginning students in physics or philosophy.

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the irrepressible and prolific Clifford Pickover gives us Time: A Traveler's Guide. He romps joyously through at least four perfectly respectable scientific routes to time travel: relativity, particle physics, quantum mechanics and psychology. * New Scientist *


Generi Professional & Technical » Physics , Science & Nature » Astronomy » Science-Reference

Editore Oxford University Press Inc

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 30/09/1999

Pagine 304

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780195130966

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Time: A Traveler

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