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Transformative Nursing in the NICU, Second Edition

Mary Coughlin - rn - MS - NNP
pubblicato da Springer Publishing Company

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Reflects a dramatic evolution in the concept of trauma-informed care in the NICU

Substantially revised and updated, the new edition of this acclaimed resource for neonatal nurse practitioners and NICU clinicians remains the only book to provide the most current, evidence-based caring strategies for managing current and later-life trauma associated with the NICU experience. This second edition builds on the foundation established in the first: trauma-informed care begins with the clinician. Aimed at transforming NICU practice, the second edition delivers five completely new chapters that reflect state-of-the-art developments in neonatal care and the changing role of the NICU clinician.

Transformative Nursing in the NICU, Second Edition provides an in-depth examination of the biological effects of neonatal trauma, changes to the neuro-endocrine-immune network, and epigenetics, as well as the foundations of caring science in the NICU. Brimming with practical strategies and evidence-based core measures, the book describes protocols proven to mitigate or reduce the profound neonatal morbidities and subsequent challenges afflicting newborns in the NICU. It includes examples of favorable outcomes from practitioners worldwide and presents engaging online learning activities that facilitate the translation of content into clinical practice.

New to This Edition:

  • Presents FIVE completely new chapters:

    • Neurologic Consequences of NICU Trauma
    • The Value-Proposition of Trauma-informed Care in the NICU
    • The Science of Trauma-informed Care in the NICU
    • The Soul of Trauma-informed Care in the NICU
    • Attributes of the Trauma-Informed Clinician
  • Covers the needs and attributes of competent neonatal clinicians including those required for role development, teamwork, and NICU success

  • Delivers expanded coverage of the Global Health Care Quality Chasm and the Institute of Health Care Improvement's Quadruple Aim

Key Features:

  • Reframes the concept of developmentally supportive care to trauma-informed, age-appropriate care
  • Addresses the foundations of caring science in the NICU
  • Underscores the importance of holistic NICU care that encompasses the neonate, the family, and the clinician
  • Advances the concept of trauma-informed NICU care from theory to practice and demonstrates how this results in improved outcomes
  • Presents current evidence-based best practices in trauma-informed care in the NICU to improve effective practice for interdisciplinary neonatal clinicians


Generi Scienza e Tecnica » Medicina

Editore Springer Publishing Company

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/01/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780826154323

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Transformative Nursing in the NICU, Second Edition

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