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This volume was written by eight transnational geographers. These narratives comprise a collection of essays as a way to map personal trajectories and experiences which examine the concept of place at the micro-level. Eight transnational geographers convey their professional and personal identities in a global age. By using an approach called, autobiogeography, these narratives will be of interest to geographers and other social science and humanities scholars as well as of interest to the general public. This volume explores the concepts of transnationalism, borders, fragmentation, movement, displacement, space, place and "home." Drawing from various national, ethnic, and cultural perspectives, the authors write about various important adjustments within contemporary global trends which in turn, reflect ever-changing ways to look at geography, migration processes, and transnationalism. Like other migrants who have left their home, they all left "something" behind.


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Transnational Geographers in the United States

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