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Travels and Tribulations

Tyrel Nelson
pubblicato da Tyrel Nelson

Prezzo online:

In his latest book of short stories, Tyrel Nelson immerses you in his peripatetic world, transporting you to old haunts and sharing his latest meditations. Through Tyrel's personal and spiritual meanderings you become fully invested in people from all walks of life. You appreciate Doña Vicky treating you like family, imagining her sending an unmentioned smile your way. You seek escape in a sweaty adventure with eager explorers wanting to lend a helping hand. You sit by his mother's bedside each day, as she grows weaker. These stories build upon each other and draw you into transformative relationships that lingerfrom bittersweet moments of tearful overseas goodbyes to heartbreaking devastation at the loss of two parents. With intimate simplicity and a playful tone, the writing style invites you to observe the narrator gradually coming to terms with regret and loss but ultimately finding inspiration and meaning in both his past and present.Andra Bosneag


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Travels and Tribulations

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