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These 6 most read & bestselling books of mine (with Kobo Plus) ,
I have bundled together for you in 1 convenient bundle.
They are book Victory the exciting true story about growing up in Bosnia untill the war started,
then moving a couple of times because the enemies came to close,
and eventually the flight to the Netherlands.
book Moneymaker with proven to work business strategies,
to save yourself time and earn more profits.
book Always employment & always money in your pocket, everyday...
Where you can find employment untill your retirement,
and where you can earn everyday..
yeah also on saturdays and sundays..
and where are no ceilings to how much you can earn.
book Things you don't want to know are my real life embarressing moments to make you laugh.
book Poems, jokes and book is to enjoy my early poems,
my jokes that I sent to a girl
and the recipe for happiness is for you to easily reduce stress &
start living happier, everyday


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