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Tulipina's Floral Fantasy

Kiana Underwood - Alessandra Mattanza
pubblicato da Chronicle Books LLC

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A gorgeous visual guide to designing jaw-dropping botanical arrangements from world-renowned floral artist Kiana Underwood.

Filled with photos of hundreds of lush arrangements and expert wisdom from floral design star Kiana Underwood, this imaginative guide provides all the secrets and visual inspiration to create your own spectacular flower arrangements for special occasions.

Rich with luxurious designs and lush blooms, this lookbook combines gorgeous visual inspiration with practical tips and lovely storytelling. Flower lovers will discover a bounty of color photographs paired with expert advice for showstopping arrangements for weddings, holidays, and festive celebrations. Visually stunning and packed with Underwood's signature expertise, this book is both a covetable object and a useful treasure trove of floral wisdom for anyone who wants to elevate special occasions with the beauty of flowers.

EXPERT WISDOM:Discover insights from world-famous floral designer Kiana Underwood. Her work has been featured in dozens of major lifestyle blogs and magazines, including Vogue*,*Harper's Bazaar, Elle Décor, Town & Country, House & Home, BuzzFeed, Brit + Co, and many others.

INVALUABLE CONTENT: Known for her showstopping arrangements and international sold-out workshops, Underwood invites readers into her design process, revealing the inspiration and techniques behind dozens of her most spectacular arrangements.

BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOOK: With hundreds of gorgeous flower-filled photographs, this sumptuous book is a lovely gift for Mother's Day and a thoughtful present for flower enthusiasts, nature lovers, gardeners, designers, brides-to-be, and anyone who wants to infuse their life with floral beauty.

Perfect for:

  • Flower lovers and gardeners
  • Fans of such flower and gardening books as Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden, Magnolia Table, and Floriography
  • Brides looking for floral design inspiration
  • Mother's Day, birthday, and bridal shower gift giving

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