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Type & Color
Type & Color

Type & Color

by Mark Van Wageningen
pubblicato da Princeton Architectural Press

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To create his award-winning multicolored typefaces, Mark van Wageningen first returned to the past for his research: wood-type printing. His subsequentform and color studies led to a series of popular digital typefaces and awards for typographic excellence from the Type Directors Club. In Type and Color, the pioneering typographic designer provides all the tools you will need to participate in the hottest typography trend: designing with multicolored fonts. This manual, aimed at a broad spectrum of graphic design professionals, offers analyses of chromatic type specimens, instructions for multilayer type design, and applications across a range of print and digital media. From display fonts to running text, discover how color can give words expressive new possibilities.

La nostra recensione

If you like color, typefaces, and colorful typefaces, you'll fall in love with this book. From stunning typographic exhibits to practical guidance on designing and using multicolor typefaces (all sandwiched between joyfully colored endpapers), Type and Color is a must-have for designers of logotypes or typographers. - Creative Pro Wageningen gives you all the tools you need to understand, design, and develop your own colorful fonts. The 180 page tome explores The End of Black and White typography, and moves onto how multicolored fonts are constructed. It also covers some fundamentals such as letterspacing before launching into an exploration of the future of typography, especially in relation to color theories. Along the way, Wageningen supplies you with a ton of impressive multicolor typography examples, not to mention endless pleasing color palettes, complete with CMYK color swatch values on each page. - Typo-graphical


Generi Arts & Photography » Design

Editore Princeton Architectural Press

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 15/10/2019

Pagine 176

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781616898465

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Type & Color

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