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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business

Ted Prodromou
pubblicato da Entrepreneur Press

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Prodromou has more than a decade of helping businesses grow using SEO, pay-per-click management, and LinkedIn, and shares the best, most effective ways to keeping businesses in front of decision makers, build strong referral networks, and position companies as experts in their industries, respectively

Foreword by Melonie Dodaro, author, LinkedIn expert, trainer, and keynote speaker

Marketing, search, and analytics are broken down into actionable steps, and are illustrated with updated screenshots and real-life examples

While most LinkedIn books teach the basics of LinkedIn, this Ultimate Guide dives deep into the platform and delivers the most efficient and powerful strategies to leveraging LinkedIn for your personal brand and your business.

In this new edition, readers will get an inside look at Ted Prodromous's four-step strategy for LinkedIn based on the marketing model of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), which covers how to:

Make a connection on LinkedIn that's as good as meeting them in person

Use content marketing and build your thought leadership to turn those connections into allies and lasting business relationships

Build trust with prospective clients by exploring similar interests

Develop a closing process that seamlessly integrates LinkedIn to convert prospects to clients

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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business

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