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Ulysses: Annotated Edition
Ulysses: Annotated Edition

Ulysses: Annotated Edition

James Joyce
pubblicato da Alma Books Ltd

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Controversial, scandalous, erudite and funny, Ulysses is undisputedly a landmark of twentieth-century modernism. It charts one day - 16th June 1904 - in the lives of three inhabitants of Dublin: the advertising salesman Leopold Bloom, the artist Stephen Dedalus and Bloom's wife Molly. Their peregrinations, thoughts and encounters form the basis of the narrative, which becomes a celebration of all human experience through the lives of specific individuals in a specific place at a specific time. Ulysses is both an experimental novel and a book intimately concerned with the events of modern life. A lively repository of literary allusion and colloquial realism, this dazzlingly innovative, ambitious novel is here presented in its 1939 Odyssey Press version, which is regarded as the most accurate text published in Joyce's lifetime. This edition also includes over 9,000 notes by Joyce scholars Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian and John Turner.

La nostra recensione

This is a text of choice for first-time and established readers alike * Variants: The Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship * [The] annotations are by far the most systematic, the most thorough, the most scholarly, of any single-volume Ulysses ... The notes on scientific and technical terms are particularly clear. * The Irish Times * [This edition] provides perhaps the clearest insight into the finely grained details of Ulysses of any yet on offer. * The Irish Times * [The annotations] are exacting, full, textured and, yes, economical of expression. * James Joyce Quarterly * [The] annotation is extensive, diligent and unfussy, and offers a serious rival to Jeri Johnson's notes in the Oxford edition. * The Tablet * Anyone looking for an accurate, annotated Ulysses will find one here. * TLS * I love this edition. The explanatory notes don't get in the way of the text but rather send me seamlessly back with renewed interest. The beautiful paper falls flat to the touch and when I first opened it I came across the note for p.125. I never knew that Staggering Bob was veal made from calves so young they were still staggering. I found myself reading the tremendous Lestrygonians Episode again - Joyce's terrible and wonderful song of how and what we consume. One can never get to the bottom of Ulysses. -- Martina Evans


Generi Literature & Fiction » Classics

Editore Alma Books Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 07/12/2017

Pagine 832

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781847497765

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Ulysses: Annotated Edition

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