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How many times have you examined your financial situation and wondered, `How do I find enough money to pay off my mortgage, afford a holiday, or pay school fees for my children and grandchildren?' Imagine how easy life would be if you won the lottery, or found a stash of hidden treasure. You'd be able to afford everything your heart desires, and ensure your family is well taken care of. Imagine paying off your mortgage once and for all, taking that dream holiday you and your spouse have always talked about, or being able to contribute to your grandkids' tuition.

It sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Well, it's all within reach - because you're sitting on a gold mine. That's right. You can come up with the money you so desire because there is treasure buried in your backyard.

This book presents detailed information for property owners who want to subdivide and develop their land, so they can free up much-needed cash for their future. It reveals the opportunities and pitfalls of subdividing and developing a block of land, and how to leverage what you have while avoiding common mistakes.


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Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard

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