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Unraveling Death - Sadhguru
Unraveling Death - Sadhguru

Audiolibro Unraveling Death

pubblicato da Sadhguru

Prezzo online:

"Death is a cosmic joke. If you get the joke, falling on the other side will be wonderful." Sadhguru

Death a subject most often avoided and ignored, feared and resisted, until it inevitably dances into one's life. For the living, an "insider's view" on the subject is invaluable, one who can pierce through the illusion and reveal the truth.

In this session of In Conversation with the Mystic, Sadhguru, along with writer, poet and communication specialist Prasoon Joshi, explores the intricacies behind death and dying, from the time of entering the womb to exiting the body. Answering a question on death and karma, Sadhguru goes on to explain the various ways death can happen to a person and what it means to leave one's body consciously.

The conversation also delves into various topics connected with death, including euthanasia, life support and rituals for the deceased. With profound insights from the Master and fantastic poetry from Prasoon, the topic of death comes to life, in all its mystery and simplicity.

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Generi Esoterismo e Astrologia » Occulto , Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Sadhguru

Formato Audiolibro

Durata 01:53.52

Pubblicato 31/08/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781094209500

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Unraveling Death

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