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Jessica Luther is one of the foremost experts on sexual assault and football. This book is based on exhaustive research on all documented cases of sexual assault allegations against college football players.

Luther is a fellow in the Texas Program in Sports and Media at the University of Texas and a member of the Association for Women in Sports Media.

Luther has appeared on ESPN and spoken on numerous panels.

The sports landscape is changing quickly on issues of sexual assault and domestic violence, so this is a very vital time to be publishing this book.

The book has a fair amount of information on the rape charges brought against rookie NFL quarterback sensation Jameis Winston. The book is not about Winston, but he is one of the lead case studies in the book.

This title is the latest installment of the "Edge of Sports" imprint curated by sportswriter and Nation magazine sports editor Dave Zirin.

Simultaneous publication of paperback and e-book editions.

Galleys (and e-galleys via Edelweiss) available in March 2016.

Discussion Questions available from Akashic's website.

Galley display & giveaways at ALA and other major library conferences and trade events.


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