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Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling

Jaym Gates - Monica Valentinelli
pubblicato da Apex Publications

Prezzo online:

Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling is an anthology of short stories, poetry, and essays edited by Monica Valentinelli and Jaym Gates. Over two dozen authors, ranging from NYT-bestsellers and award winners to debut writers, chose a tired trope or cliche to challenge and surprise readers through their work.

Read stories inspired by tropes such as the Chainmaille Bikini, Love at First Sight, Damsels in Distress, Yellow Peril, The Black Man Dies First, The Villain Had a Crappy Childhood, The Singularity Will Cause the Apocalypse, and many more...then discover what these tropes mean to each author to find out what inspired them.

Join Maurice Broaddus, Adam Troy-Castro, Delilah S. Dawson, Shanna Germain, Sara M. Harvey, John Hornor Jacobs, Rahul Kanakia, Alethea Kontis, Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Haralmbi Markov, Sunil Patel, Kat Richardson, Nisi Shawl, Ferrett Steinmetz, Anton Strout, Michael Underwood, Alyssa Wong and many other authors as they take well-worn tropes and cliches and flip them upside down.

Introduction -- Jerry Gordon

On Loving Bad Boys: A Villanelle -- Valya Dudycz Lupescu
Single, Singularity -- John Hornor Jacobs
Lazzrus -- Nisi Shawl
Seeking Truth -- Elsa Sjunneson-Henry
Thwock -- Michelle Muenzler
Can You Tell Me How to Get to Paprika Place? -- Michael R. Underwood
Chosen -- Anton Strout
The White Dragon -- Alyssa Wong
Her Curse, How Gently It Comes Undone -- Haralambi Markov
Burning Bright -- Shanna Germain
Santa CIS (Episode 1: No Saint) -- Alethea Kontis
Requiem for a Manic Pixie Dream -- Katy Harrad & Greg Stolze
The Refrigerator in the Girlfriend -- Adam-Troy Castro
The First Blood of Poppy Dupree -- Delilah S. Dawson
Red Light -- Sara M. Harvey
Until There Is Only Hunger -- Michael Matheson
Super Duper Fly -- Maurice Broaddus
Drafty as a Chain Mail Bikini -- Kat Richardson
Swan Song -- Michelle Lyons-McFarland
Those Who Leave -- Michael Choi
Nouns of Nouns: A Mini Epic -- Alex Shvartsman
Excess Light -- Rahul Kanakia
The Origin of Terror -- Sunil Patel
The Tangled Web -- Ferrett Steinmetz
Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa, Tfu, Tfu, Tfu. -- Alisa Schreibman
Real Women Are Dangerous -- Rati Mehrotra

I'm Pretty Sure I've Read This Before ... -- Patrick Hester
Fractured Souls -- Lucy A. Snyder
Into the Labyrinth: The Heroine's Journey -- A.C. Wise
Escaping the Hall of Mirrors -- Victor Raymond
Tropes as Erasers: A Transgender Perspective -- Keffy R.M. Kehrli

Afterword -- Monica Valentinelli & Jaym Gates
Trope Definitions/Index of Tropes



Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Horror e gotica » Fantascienza » Fantasy , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » horror e Dark Romance » Fantascienza » Fantasy

Editore Apex Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 13/12/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230001469684

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Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling

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