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Urban Regeneration and Real Estate Development
Urban Regeneration and Real Estate Development

Urban Regeneration and Real Estate Development

Andrea Ciaramella - Marco Dall'Orso
pubblicato da Springer International Publishing

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The book reflects on how intelligent urban regeneration can be an extraordinary driver of sustainable social and economic progress. It provides a friendly, evergreen and flexible thinking methodology that can serve as a reference guide to address a wide range of initiatives creating the conditions to thrive in an increasingly selective, rapidly changing and unpredictable market context. The book throws light on the importance of adopting an open approach based on collaboration, crafting strong visions, developing appealing value propositions, embracing a modern leadership style and setting-up highly effective multi-disciplinary team for the execution. Itillustrates how standard approaches should be re-designed, business models innovated and processes re-engineered to guarantee better alignment between supply and demand of real estate as markets shift and new differentiators emerge among competitors. The book makes clear that creating a vibrant urban ecosystem requires a gradual shift of focus from built-environment investment to socio-economic output. It targets a wide audience of private and public sector professionals active in urban regeneration and real estate development.

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Urban Regeneration and Real Estate Development

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