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This book is a celebration of meat-free meals, and the many and varied exciting tastes and textures of vegetarian cooking. Featuring over 150 stunning recipes, there is something for every occasion; from simple warming soups and snacks through to elaborate dinner party dishes that are sure to impress. Each recipe is brought to life with stunning photography and features full nutritional information so that you can carefully plan your meal. The diversity of the vegetarian diet is celebrated in six chapters of delicious recipes that feature soups; starters and appetizers; salads; main meals; side dishes, and desserts. There are dishes for every palate and a unique mix of vegetarian recipes from around the globe. Sample a true taste of the east with Indonesian Pumpkin, Snake Bean and Bamboo Soup, an enticingly vibrant One Crust Pie packed with the essence of the Mediterranean, a delicately-spiced Turkish Aubergine Pilaff with Cinnamon and Mint or an elegant classic such as Stilton-stuffed Mushrooms with Breadcrumbs. In addition to this wealth of recipes, the book explores the full potential of the vegetarian larder in a dedicated directory of ingredients from fruit, vegetables, beans and legumes to dairy and soya produce and pasta, rice and grains. There is also information on the health benefits of vegetarianism and the best way to approach a meat-free diet whilst ensuring that your body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs. Illustrated throughout with over 250 beautiful photographs this is the ultimate resource for the vegetarian cook looking to expand their repertoire, or for those looking to explore the world of vegetarianism and embark on a healthier lifestyle. Emma Summer, the Consultant Editor for this volume is an experienced cook, food writer and editor who specializes in fresh, seasonal food. She has brought together delicious recipes by a team of expert cookery writers.


Generi Gastronomia » Cucina vegetariana

Editore Anness Publishing Limited

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 20/07/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781781140239

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Vegetarian Cooking: 150 Irresistible Recipes Shown in 250 Stunning Photographs

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