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Anastasia Volnaya  is a poet and prose writer.
Verses and essays on love and belief. About strength of spirit and hopes for the best. About kindness and humanity.
This book presents poetic images of Anastasia Volnaya and illustrations of the artist - Maxim Zheltov, under the general title "Verses under glass." The name is due to the fact that our works were created in the form of drawings and poems, each of which was decorated on a separate sheet, under glass, complemented each other and represented a single, finished work. Can also say that this book presents selected poems of the poet Anastasia Volnaya with illustrations by Maxim Zheltov. In addition, we, Anastasia Volnaya and Maxim Zheltov, represent the creative association of DanZhel (the name formed from our surnames: Danilchenko (maiden name of Anastasia) and Zheltov). And this series of works, represents a certain stage in our joint work ...


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Verses under glass

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