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Wake Up and Change Your Life

Andrew G. Marshall
pubblicato da Marshall Method Publishing

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If your life has suddenly turned upside down, change can seem daunting. You might be facing a relationship break-up, infidelity, or perhaps life just doesn't work anymore. In this powerful book, marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall shows how you can face the inevitable, and change your life for good. He explains:

Why real change is harder than you think.
The six unhelpful myths about change that are holding you back.
How to take control of your past.
The importance of developing everyday calmness.
How to discover your true life path.
Nine simple maxims to lock in the change.

In this positive and compassionate book, he gives you the tools to:
Combat bad habits.
Avoid procrastination.
Tackle the hidden factors that are trapping you.
Make long-lasting changes.
Become stronger, wiser and happier.


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Wake Up and Change Your Life

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