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Water - Disorderly Elements Collection 1

Olivette Devaux
pubblicato da Mugen Press

Prezzo online:

From the pen of Olivette Devaux, hope springs eternal as young people with unusual talents learn to exist in our modern world. This collection centers around Cooper and Ash, their origins, and the unique forces that brought them together.

This collection contains:

ZERO POWER SIGNATURE: Cooper's mother's concern over his lack of special abilities pits her against Grandma Olga, who sees different futures and fears for her grandson's grip on powers he will, most likely, fail to control.

LIKE A ROCK: A 4.5 level earthquake caused by a toe-curling kiss.
Despite drugs, Cooper Anneveinen sees what lies hidden underground. His untrained gift will rock Pittsburgh to the ground - unless Ash helps wrestle his powers under control.
Ash Ravenna cleans water, talks to it, and coaxes it to obey. His collaboration with a new architect takes a dire turn as their fated attraction sends Cooper's gift wild. Ash teaches Cooper control, Cooper puts everything on the line to learn.
When their sizzling powers throw them a curve neither expects, more than just their life hangs on the line.

FORBIDDEN KISS OF LIFE: Water-walkers, flood-makers, soul-stealers: your neighbors.
In this between-the-books offering in the Disorderly Elements world, Ash Ravenna explores his Czech mother's heritage. While teaches his family new techniques between the banks of Prague's Vltava river, realities of his existence stun him. Among their arcane, secretive skills, forbidden knowledge reigns supreme.
As he deals with his people's monstrous heritage, the teacher becomes the student.
And what Teresa teaches him may be life-changing.
This story first appeared in the Heart's Kiss Magazine.

LIKE A TORRENT: Partners. Lovers. Elemental mages. Cooper and Ash both strive to grow closer in every way - without triggering an earthquake that would level Pittsburgh. Controlling Earth and talking to Water takes practice as well as outside instruction. When an enemy attack threatens an already precarious system, Cooper, Ash, and their team fight to keep the oblivious residents of their city both safe, and unaware of their existence.
Book 2 of the Disorderly Elements, "Like a Torrent" is a 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention winner.

FISH KILL: A never-before published story shows Ash's life before he came to Pittsburgh. Grappling with polluting gangsters in city hall meetings, water testing, water cleaning. And not a small amount of water-walking, where the river whispers secrets before Ash learns of her own unique power.


Generi Non definito

Editore Mugen Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 27/12/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230004438120

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Water - Disorderly Elements Collection 1

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