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Water Wizardry

Arthur Ainslie - Varla Ventura
pubblicato da Red Wheel Weiser

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Harry Houdini made performance magic popular in every Victorian household with his amazing acts of escape, illusion, and magic. His talents gave rise to a wave of parlor magic and publications that offered "tricks of the trade." Throughout the early part of the 20th century, adults and children alike were eager to learn the slight of hand and simple tricks to astound their living room audiences. Written during the Depression Era, Water Wizardry offers readers a chance to enchant using everyday household items.

In this fantastic 1922 book we learn trickery with soup, eggs, playing cards, hat pins, water glasses, bowls of rice, milk, even waste paper! So step right up and learn the secrets of The Obedient Cork or The Vanishing Glass of Water. Astonish your friends, relatives, and neighbors with these amazing acts of conjure and cunning!

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Water Wizardry

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