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Way of the Waves
Way of the Waves

Way of the Waves

by Janina Ramirez
pubblicato da Oxford University Press

Disponibile in 1-2 settimane.
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Join young investigator and shield maiden Alva as she goes a-viking around the medieval world in search of adventure! Alva clings to her sleeping wolf as the Viking longship pitches and rolls over the North Sea's crashing waves. Soon she will reveal herself as a secret stowaway, but only when there's no chance of turning back. This is her opportunity to put her shield maiden spirit to the test - exploring strange new lands, solving mysteries, and most importantly finding her father . . .

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'David Wyatts illustrations and Ramirezs fast-paced storytelling combine to create a thrilling adventure.' * Mail on Sunday * Readers will pick up a real sense of Viking life as they compulsively turn the pages of this gripping adventure and Alva is a great new character in childrens books. * Love Reading 4 Kids * 'Steeped in Viking lore and enriched with all the vibrant colour of Norse mythology, this is a tale to be enjoyed by all, young or old.' * Giles Kristian * 'A brilliant, burning tale all set to fire up the fabulous shield maidens and masters of the future and across the world' * Bettany Hughes * 'This is one of those rare books you can read to a child as they fall asleep and which you'll then stay up the whole night reading yourself. Simply and beautifully written it is an utterly compelling book packed with historical detail, deep characters and a quest that drives you together with Alva and her wolf across the mountains and into the forests of Viking Scandinavia. Only a historian could do this so perfectly.' * Chris van Tulleken * 'I thought it was fantastic and EXACTLY the kind of book I want my child to read: educational, great role models and very entertaining!' * Xand van Tulleken * 'Brilliant, warm and exciting!' * Jenny Colgan * 'Janina Ramirez has the mind of a history lover, and the heart of a fun-loving adventurer. She has written a classic detective story in which the clues are buried in runic writing and the carvings on a mysterious casket. The book is set in the 'so-called' Dark Ages but brings them to life in an enthralling and contemporary way.' * Tony Robinson * 'A gripping mystery that brings the Viking world to vivid life, with a brave and original heroine who'll inspire young readers (and old!) with a passion for historical adventure.' * S.J.Parris * 'The historical novel arrives for a new generation - Alva is a riddle-solving, crime-busting hero from the Viking Age - my 21st century kids were entranced.' * Alice Roberts * 'Vikings! Sassy girl heroes! Runes and wolves! What's not to like?' * David Aaronovitch * 'I enjoyed the book very much. The characters were engaging and the story full of life and movement.' * Philip Pullman * 'Vikings, Christians, dramatic landscapes and wolves. This is the perfect adventure and the best new literary heroine I wish I'd met as a child. Bring on the next Alva adventure. She's awoken my shield maiden!' * Anita Rani * 'This is captivating story brimming with authentic details, and written with sparking prose. It made me wish I were a Viking.' * Greg Jenner * 'A ferocious heroine as strong as steel-and a mystery worthy of her skills. You'll love it.' * Lucy Worsley * 'My daughter would not let me put this down. We finished it in one sitting!' * Dan Snow * Praise for Riddle of the Runes 'A book that every aspiring shield maiden should keep close to her heart if she wants her buckles to truly swash. A tale with a big, warm, wild heart.' * Frank Cottrell Boyce *


Generi Children » Adventures Stories » Crime & Mystery

Editore Oxford University Press

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 18/07/2019

Pagine 240

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780192766359

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Way of the Waves

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