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We Can Do This!

Lorraine (Lorrie) Morales
pubblicato da FriesenPress

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Practical, conversational and authentic, this timely book by Lorraine Morales, is a must-read for the increasing number of people with aging parents. The book partners Lorrie's journey and real-life stories with essential facts, take-aways, and practical advice to help caregivers and their loved ones make realistic, knowledgeable, and simple decisions before they're in a crisis. Focused on Alberta but applicable to all Canadians, Lorrie's insights touch on everything from organizing medical information to choosing a nursing home. Readers will benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by the author, and they will feel encouraged and equipped to do what needs to be done.

We Can Do This! offers Lorrie's personal story to help others realize that planning for later years in life can be a relatively stress-free process. A tribute to her parents and a guide to all those struggling with the "What do I do now?" questions associated with aging parents, We Can Do This! is one of the new generation of books in health care and senior communities containing indispensable information for all readers.


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We Can Do This!

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