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Webcam Savvy: For the Job or the News

Clarence Jones
pubblicato da Clarence Jones

Prezzo online:

If you want to succeed in that next webcam job audition or TV news interview, you'd better learn how to do it. To get the job - or to get your point across on TV - you'll need a lot of webcam savvy.
Corporations began job interviews by webcam years ago. Now television news is using webcams for interviews. It saves the time of a reporter and photographer, travel costs, and about $75,000 worth of equipment. The networks began using webcams in 2010, and now local stations are catching on.
Most webcam interviews look amateurish. Sometimes weird. Bad lighting, messy background, sound recorded in a hollow barrel. All this can be quickly cured. IF YOU KNOW HOW.
This opens up a marvelous opportunity. If you have expertise and on-camera presence, this book shows you how to become the "Expert on Call." TV needs those experts to insert their perspective in news stories. Being the expert on call provides tremendous, free exposure for the expert and his/her business or cause.
This book will also teach you the secret formula for crafting sound bites they're GUARANTEED to use in their story. Public relations firms need to encourage their clients to set up their own webcam TV studio and let local stations know they're available for instant interviews.
To look self-confident -- relaxed -- sincere -- and unrehearsed, takes a lot of practice. You don't get that kind of savvy overnight.
That's what this book is all about. How to choose and set up a webcam, and how to use it like a pro. So you'll be memorable in your next job audition or TV news interview.


Generi Informatica e Web » IT & Imprese Web

Editore Clarence Jones

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/11/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781370906697

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Webcam Savvy: For the Job or the News

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