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What everybody wants, Secret to health, wealth and happiness

Jasmin Hajro
pubblicato da Hajro Publishing

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Preview from Recipe for Happiness: *A few Happiness Ingredients in a row: - Watch comedy every day, at least one hour - Eat ice cream, treat someone with an ice cream - Work out, get rid of your frustration by playing tennis or go for a run - Pee in the yard (and if you get a fine for urinating, laugh your a** off) - Do not worry, life is too short for that (by staying busy, you do not have time to worry) - Hug the people that you love* to live healthier how to eat healthier and how to loose weight in a healthy way common sense advice get it now and start living a healthier life because your health is the most important. Gives you all the steps you need to take, every month and every year. To make the money that you save, grow faster. The returns that you get quarterly, every half year and yearly will become bigger and bigger. Thanks to this self reinforcing money system. So that after 30 or 40 years you will have a much stronger retirement. Get healthy, loose weight and stay healthy with The Diet Reduce your stress and live happier with Recipe for Happiness Build a Dividend Portfolio that pays you every year, and build your fortune

What everybody wants

by reading the title many people will have many different thoughts. Some think happiness is the key in life some think that health is wealth and some will think that money is everything you need. Well, The answer is all three. The influential book of the writer jasmin hajro defines it all in one. Grasp all the methods like the back of your hand by reading and implying it in your life.

About your Health:-The first question that will come to your mind about an infant or a senior citizen is of their health. Basically, This is the summary of life health is and will always be the main reason of life for a person, but how to gain or maintain good health? Health is something that is forgotten in our life instead of being our first and foremost priority. It is directly controlled by the brain. Jasmin hajro has given the perfect recipe of "A healthy mind in a healthy body" in this book.

Earn with your Mind:-Making good money is everyone's goal, but some people make the mistake of not following their goal and dreams. The real secret is to follow your dreams like a rule breaker. Giving all your blood, sweat and tears to something without any precise goals is equal to waste it. As the writer of this book says" Build a Dividend Portfolio that pays you every year,and build your fortune."jasmin hajro

The right direction for happiness:The most misunderstood concept for happiness is that you gain by achieving your goals. Happiness is something to be found not to achieve. You can feel happy in the process of going towards your goal and by giving your best try."People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be."Abraham lincolnYou will not only found your inner peace through this whole book but, also some useful life lessons to remember. After reading this book, you will realize that you have found the ultimate guiding direction in your life.

Article by Danish Usmani


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Editore Hajro Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/06/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230004831853

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What everybody wants, Secret to health, wealth and happiness

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