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Teachers rock! Teachers have an impossibly hard job. We expect them to do everything! Educate our kids, tie their shoes, facilitate their arguments, grade their papers, sharpen their pencils, and more! And when a teacher isn't doing all these things, they're usually taking continuing education, coming up with lesson plans, figuring out new technology, answering student and parent emails, and buying supplies for the classroom. All without anyone really noticing. That's why we wanted to write a book that celebrates the teachers who made an impact on us. This book is a thank you to the teachers who made a difference in our lives and in our children's lives.

This book includes stories from 39 different writers and includes stories like:

How Moving to Kansas, a Couple of Off-Duty Teachers, and Lucy van Pelt Helped Me Find My Super Power

You Teach What?!?!

Being a Teacher Doesn't Make Me a Better Mother (But Being a Mother Makes Me a Better Teacher)

Homeschool Dropout: A Self-Preservation Story

Sarcasm, Fart Jokes, and Other Reasons Why I'd Never Make It as a Middle School Teacher

Dear Rachel: Letter to a First Year Teacher


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Will Work for Apples

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