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Work Smarter and Get Ahead
Anyone can excel in business with Dr. Jan Yager's new book, Winning Business Etiquette. Readers will learn the key principles of business protocol, from proper etiquette and effective communication to personal conduct and working with others. Yager draws on original business research as well as her extensive global experience working in academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial jobs to provide realistic examples. Chapters cover topics such as:

  • Job hunting and tips for new hires
  • Dress code and appropriate behavior
  • Social media dos and don'ts
  • Entrepreneurial rules for success
  • Dealing with ethical issues
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Working with a variety of personality types
  • Conducting international business
  • Preparing the next generation of workers
  • And more

With down-to-earth advice, Yager shows readers how to excel and collaborate in whatever industry they find themselves. A valuable guide for employees, managers, and CEOs alike, Winning Business Etiquette belongs on everyone's desk.


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Winning Business Etiquette

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