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Women in Game of Thrones
Women in Game of Thrones

Women in Game of Thrones

Valerie Estelle Frankel
pubblicato da McFarland & Co Inc

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Game of Thrones is one of the hottest series on television. However, hundreds of critics are divided on how feminist the show really is. Certainly, the female characters, strong and weak, embody a spectrum of archetypes - widow queens, warrior women, damsels in distress, career women, priestesses, crones, mothers, and maidens. However, the problematic area is that most play a single role without nuance - even the strong women have little to do besides strut about as one-note characters. This book analyses the women and their portrayals one by one, along with their historical inspirations. Accompanying issues in television studies also appear, from the male gaze to depiction of race. How these characters are treated in the series and how they treat themselves becomes central, as many strip for the pleasure of men or are sacrificed as pawns. Some nude scenes or moments of male violence are fetishised and filmed to tantalise, while others show the women's trauma and attempt to identify with the scene's female perspective. The key is whether the characters break out of their traditional roles and become multifaceted.


Generi Music & Entertainment » Radio & TV , Social Sciences » Gender Studies » Sociology

Editore Mcfarland & Co Inc

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 30/04/2014

Pagine 216

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780786494163

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Women in Game of Thrones

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