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Working with Immigrant Women addresses the gap between the needs of newcomer women and established structures and practices in Canada's mental health care system.

With an interest in changing paradigms in mental health practice, the multidisciplinary group of authorsincluding researchers, mental health practitioners, health promoters, community development workers, university professors, diversity trainers, program coordinators and community mental health advocatesanalyzes issues affecting women's mental health and illnesses within an immigration and settlement context, critically examines literature and current research and suggests practice strategies for mental health professionals working with this population.

Working with Immigrant Women highlights the intersecting oppressions experienced by women while emphasizing their strengths and resiliencies. It also demonstrates how women are active participants in shaping their mental health and responding to mental health problems.

Topics include:

  • theoretical perspectives
  • recognizing social determinants of depression, the role of spirituality, issues around interpretation and barriers to accessing services and their implications for practice
  • working with specific groups: Sudanese, Caribbean, lesbian, refugee and older women and girls
  • critical concerns for women: trauma, intimate partner violence and postpartum depression.

The authors provide innovative approaches that mental health professionals can use to enhance current practice and ensure equitable, relevant and comprehensive care. This book is a valuable resource for health care professionals, administrators, educators, researchers and policy-makers, and is an ideal course text.


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Working with Immigrant Women

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