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An all-in-one resource for every working mother and father.

Sure, there are plenty of parenting books out there. But as working moms and dads, we've never had a trusted, go-to guide all our ownone that coaches us on how to do well at work, be the loving and engaged parents we want to be, and remain true to ourselves in the process.

Enter Workparent. Whether you're planning a family, pushing for promotion during your kids' teenage years, or at any phase in between, Workparent provides all the advice and assurance you'll need to combine children and career in your own, authentic way. Whatever your field or family structure, you'll learn how to:

  • Find a childcare arrangement you fully trust
  • Build a strong support team, at home and on the job
  • Advocate for advancementand flexibility
  • Step up at work while keeping your family healthy and whole
  • Tame guilt, self-doubt, worry, and other difficult emotions
  • Navigate big transitions: the return from leave, a promotion or job change, or the arrival of a second child
  • Manage day-to-day pressures, like scheduling, mealtimes, homework, and more
  • Findand really usetime off
  • Feel more capable, calm, and in control

Written by Daisy Dowling, a top executive coach, talent expert, and working mom, Workparent answers all of your questions and feels like a good talk with your favorite mentor. Finally, the handbook you need to thrive as a working parent.

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