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Would You Rather?

Joe Shooman
pubblicato da John Blake

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The perfect game to get the whole family involved this summer holiday, with loads of laughter and fun guaranteed!

All material appropriate for children and adults alike!

Beautiful illustrated pocket-size book

An ice-breaker for family gatherings, festive parties and summer holidays abroad or at home!

As fun a game over Zoom as it is in person!

Bring your sense of humour, as there are over 200 ridiculous, thoughtful, hilarious and inventive questions to answer...

Organise the family into teams and play as a scored game, or just for fun, to suit your needs!

Guaranteed to excite childrens' imaginations, and to get grown-ups talking

**Would you rather...**
Look ten years older from the neck up, or from the neck down?

**Would you rather...**
Have everyone always be able to read what you're thinking, or always be able to see what you're doing?

**Would you rather...**
Lose the ability to lie, or have to believe everything you hear?

Get stuck in with friends and family to think your way through over 200 mind-bending, side-splitting hypothetical dilemmas.

Guaranteed to split opinions and get everyone talking - and laughing - at your next party, gathering or festive get-together!

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Would You Rather?

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