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Writing Your First Fiction, 350+ Tips and Techniques for the Savvy Writer

Shayla McBride
pubblicato da Shayla McBride

Prezzo online:

The answer to your writer prayers! Dream of writing genre fiction? Need some help sorting out the basics? Speed your development from clueless newbie to competent, successful author with this award-winning how-to-write assistant. Writing genre fiction is a very specialized gig with rules and expectations that often aren't clearly explained. Save your writing life with this indispensable easy-read dictionary-style resource! Over 350 must-know tips and topics for the fiction writer at any stage in their career. Buy it now! There's plenty for the writer farther along the learning curve, too. Novice writers will find answers to the basic how-to-write questions of style, technique and craft that are rarely discussed in one book. Most how-to-write books assume you're past the "training wheels" stage. Shayla McBride admits to being a newbie writer for far too long, and wants this resource to get you up to speed without a lot of hair-tearing and hand-wringing (to say nothing of wine-swilling). In the beginning, a writer doesn't know what she doesn't know. Here you'll find definitions and clarity along with plenty of how-to-write examples to aid understanding. Got a problem with your story arc? Character development? Stuck on the first paragraph? Stuck, period? Help is here!For intermediate writers, Writing Your First Fiction puts all the basics and a lot of mid-level information of writing genre fiction at your fingertips. Find technique, branding and promotion, social media and websites, agents and the Big Five, why self-pub might (or might not) be best for you. Find encouragement and candor, too. For the more accomplished writer, revisiting the basics is often a good idea. We're only human, and things don't always stick. There's so much to know! This easy-read, upbeat how-to-write resource gives you confidence and support when the evil, inevitable "I'm writing nothing but garbage!" syndrome kicks in. How to write to the next level is an eternal goal.Give yourself the gift of having someone in your corner who's been there, made all the mistakes and tells you how you can avoid them and go on to flourish in your chosen career. Shayla McBride covers the baby-step how-to-write basics that more advanced books neglect. Newbie writers need to know more aspects of the writing and publishing world than ever before in order to plot a successful course in becoming an author. Regardless of occupation, education or experience, all early fiction writers follow the same basic path. As a novice, you don't yet realize what you don't know. Short-cut that sometimes-rough path with this easy-reading, sometimes humorous, always candid dictionary-style how-to-write resource. Chock full of how-to-write examples, you'll come away with in-depth knowledge of the technique, process, and pitfalls of creating (without meltdown!) readable, sellable genre fiction from romance and mystery to YA, thriller and suspense. Considering self-publishing? Hybrid? Going wide? Writing Your First Fiction explores both the up and the very real down sides. Confused about character or plot development? A multitude of entries will help you clarify the how-to-write-better basics. Buffaloed by industry jargon? Need help with heat levels, scene construction? Editing and revision? POV and HEA and TSTL? How about sex, love and violence? It's all here! Consider Shayla your just-a-bit-curmudgeonly Auntie Shayla who'll spend hours happily discussing every aspect of the genre writing life. Shayla wants you to succeed. A perfect gift, even for an MFA. Gift yourself or another with focused insider how-to-write knowledge! Get it now and get your writing career moving!


Generi Politica e Società » Comunicazione e Media » Giornalismo e editoria , Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Lavoro » Carriere e professioni: consigli

Editore Shayla Mcbride

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/02/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463570609

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Writing Your First Fiction, 350+ Tips and Techniques for the Savvy Writer

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