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Writing Your First Novel

John Reynolds
pubblicato da Starblaze Publications

Prezzo online:

Writing Your First Novel succinctly covers all the basic questions to which a new writer needs answers. Author John Reynolds initially based the book on the experience he gained in writing his first novel Uncommon Enemy. His new young adult novel Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess was published in 2016 and in this second edition he draws upon the additional knowledge and experience that he gained. The content covers a range of key points including: developing the plot, creating contrasting characters, writing effective dialogue, developing descriptive passages, the challenges of writing about love and sex, grammar and punctuation, giving attention to detail, catalyst crisis and climax, resources and sources of support, review and review again, it's finished: what now? selling the sizzle, and marketing and promotion. The book is written in an easy personal style using excerpts from Reynolds' two novels as well as drawing from a wide variety of writers from a range of countries and backgrounds. Reynolds is a New Zealand writer, radio broadcaster, educator and filmmaker. He has worked in a number of countries including New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, Zimbabwe and the USA. He travelled through eastern Europe during the Cold War, western Europe, South Africa under apartheid, coast to coast across the USA, and the Pacific Islands. All these experiences have informed his writing. He has written books, scripts, screenplays and the plot and dialogue for four full-length musicals as well as lecturing on education, writing and the media. He is an entertaining speaker and has delivered author talks to a wide variety of cultural, social and service groups - in person or at a distance through Skype.


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Editore Starblaze Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 30/04/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780473384357

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Writing Your First Novel

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