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Do you love a good quotation?

You know, the wise and sometimes witty words uttered by authors, entertainers, politicians, and other famous people? Often this written wisdom has resonance for us whether or not we recognize the source of the quotation.

Written Wisdom is designed to help you when you need a bit of support or encouragement. Sometimes, it will help you to persist, and, sometimes, perhaps it will help you accept that a situation "is what it is."

When writers use an insightful quotation in a blog post or article, it's like "kicking it up another notch." Call them quotations, aphorisms, proverbs, or what have you, they're universally accepted bits of wisdom that know no cultural or national boundaries.

Wisdom in my country is usually the same as wisdom in other countries. From centuries ago to present day, wise words still give us insight and can sometimes provide a respite from the storms of life with a much-needed laugh to brighten our day.

Witness the words of the late Randy Pausch in The Last Lecture: "Yes, I'm a great optimist, but, when trying to make a decision, I often think of the worst case scenario." An old Arab Proverb says the same thing in a different way: "Trust in Allah, but tie your camels down."

Two quotations separated by centuries and by different cultures, but they each impart the same wisdom of being prepared.

Written Wisdom, compiled from the best of the quotation-inspired essays, 2005-2010, on SlingWords, a blog by best-selling ebook author Joan Reeves, will delight all who like a bit of wisdom and wit about persistence, inspiration, overcoming challenges, and goal achievement as well as insights about writing, reading, books, authors, and Life. That makes it a great resource for just about anyone.

Written Wisdom contains 86 quotation-inspired essays. Since many essays contain more than one quotation, and with the addition of her usual Quotation Collection as a Bonus Feature, there are many more than 150 quotations in all.

Bonus Features include a Linked Table of Contents, Novel Excerpts, and a Quotation Collection About Quotations.


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help , Lingue e Dizionari » Dizionari tematici, Enciclopedie e Opere di consultazione

Editore Joan Reeves

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/08/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780984682355

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Written Wisdom: Quotation Inspired Essays

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