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You Asked
You Asked

You Asked

William Edgar
pubblicato da Christian Focus Publications Ltd

Prezzo online:
Disponibile a partire dal 19/08/2020.
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It can be difficult to ask questions, far less answer them. Perhaps you've felt that sometimes the questions you really want to ask just can't be answered. They're too difficult; too embarrassing; and perhaps you shouldn't be asking them anyway. William Edgar takes a selection of twenty-four questions just like that - questions that are asked by young adults just like you - and gives a biblical, common sense, unpatronising answer to each. Edgar tackles issues such as 'Where is God?' 'Can we trust the Bible?' 'What about love and sex?' 'Does God love gay people?' 'When will the world end?' 'Are there vampires?' 'Can I have real friends?'

La nostra recensione

Bill Edgar is a listening and deeply respectful Christian whose presence brings others (and especially young people) immediately into the circle of his life-long friends. I suspect that You Asked will add to that circle every teenager who reads it! -- Sinclair B. Ferguson I know that here my students will find clear and compelling answers to the questions they are asking in language they understand. I am delighted it's available and will be directing students to it for years to come. -- Bijan Mirtolooi Dr. Edgar offers a brilliant, thorough, and, yet, accessible apologetic for teens regarding the Christian faith. So many students know bits and pieces of Christianity; You Asked provides a cohesive systematic theology in a personal manner that a teen can understand. You Asked has great value for non-believing, new-believing, and long-believing teens. Every Christian teen should read You Asked before they attend college to equip them for the challenges to their worldview. Every non-Christian teen should read You Asked in order to hear a fair and accurate presentation of Christianity and The Gospel. -- Cameron Cole Apologetics for Dummies? Absolutely not: apologetics for thoughtful, inquiring young teens! I wish I had known someone like Bill Edgar when I was 13 or 14. I wouldn't have had to start with other people's questions, including the Church's -- but with my own. The modern pastor will find endless hints here on great ways to connect with youth of all ages. Bill talks to young people without a hint of talking down to them. -- Peter C Moore ... a deep and detailed read, designed for teens with deep and searching questions. It's packed full of useful background information that will equip you with information you didn't know you needed! -- Free- Youth Magazine Free Church of Scotland Dr Edgar is a reliable and stimulating guide. I know at least one teenager who will be enjoying this. My daughter! -- David Robertson Teens struggle with doubts, anxiety, and peer pressure regularly. You Asked provides a thought-provoking launching point from which teens can wrestle with these unique dilemmas. Each chapter provides insight and guidance into specific questions and concerns, which can be explored discretely or as part of the larger narrative. Combined with followup discussion, this book can go a long way to helping mitigate the philosophical and ethical minefield known as adolescence. -- Michael Keller


Generi Religion » Christianity

Editore Christian Focus Publications Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 20/01/2013

Pagine 272

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781781911433

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You Asked

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