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This book is about parenting by intention, and other lessons the author learned through the loss of his firstborn son. It is especially for parents who believe that bits and pieces of leftover time will be enough for their own children.  
"This book is a 'must read' for anyone who has children and a demanding vocation," says Dr. Gary Chapman. "It will bring laughter, tears, and hope. I highly recommend it."  
His reason for writing this book is to help "fast-lane" parents understand that God's clock and their children's needs are not necessarily running in the same time sequence. You're either there, with them, or you're not. Despite what you may think about your indispensability to your work, your clients, or even, in Dr. Brandt's case, your patients, your children need and deserve you ... NOW.  
Surely you don't want to find yourself in the following situation, from which the book's title comes, as Dr. Brandt has his last words with his eight-year-old son, lying before him in a casket:  
"I'm so sorry, Robbie," I said. "My heart's breaking Robb, buddy. You know how much I love you and how incredibly I'm going to miss you."  
I wanted to bend down and wrap my arms around him. I touched his arm. Cold and stiff. I wanted to remember him as warm, lively, and seldom still.  
"We've had a lot of good times, buddy. Great times," I continued. "Building tree houses, playing whiffle ball, fishing at Pine Lake, and our great camping trips.  
"But I'm sorry about all those times my jammed and unpredictable schedule stole a ball game or a camping trip from you. You always looked so disappointed and hurt. I should have known I needed to plan our family times better. And, how I regret all those 'Quickly, I have to go, let's have fun quickly' times."  
My fallen pal lay silent and still, as pangs of guilt shivered through me.  
"You deserved better, Robb. A better father," I said. And those were my last words to my first-born son.

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You Deserved a Better Father

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